Ceylon Steel Corporation Limited, with its brand presence as Lanwa Sanstha Wane, is the foremost steel manufacturer that has won the trust of a discerning clientele for generation for its quality, standards and affordability.

As a fully committed corporate citizen, all our operations are conducted by adhering to policies and legislation in a sustainable and in the most environmentally safe manner as possible.

That’s why Ceylon Steel Corporation Limited has commissioned the installation of state-of-the-art-technology and adopted stringent manufacturing procedures to optimize energy use, maximize raw materials, reduce and dispose waste in a manner that will least impact the air, the water and the soil so vital to a healthy life on earth.

And we do more…

We actively promote our employees and our business associates in the participation of environmental programmes and, in sharing our corporate responsibility with society, we engage the youth, the future of the nation, to understand and value the whole compendium that we call heritage of Mother Lanka –better.