Mr. Nandana Jayadewa Lokuwithana

I take humble pride for being associated with a heritage that pioneered the manufacture of construction steel products here in Sri Lanka.

Also I am extremely fortunate, hailing  from a  modest background from the hinterlands of Madawachchiya ,  to come at the opportune moment  to steer Ceylon Steel Corporation Limited into delivering high quality, high performance construction steel and steel solutions  needed by the industry that is booming  in recent times in Sri Lanka.

I am happy to say that these endeavors are paying rich dividends, as the demand for high grade steels manufactured using the purest raw materials are ever rising: not only from the mega constructors, but it is heartening to note, more and more, of the middle income house builders’, too, are aware of the brand ‘Lanwa’ and ‘Sanstha Wane’ and the excellence it upholds.

In conclusion, I must acknowledge, that we as a company are able to move on from strength to strength, because of the professionalism and competencies that this country is so blessed with. The finest of them, I am happy to note, are here with us at Ceylon Steel Corporation Ltd. to make the trusted brand for generations a winner, always.